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Rising Interests of Dutch Businessmen in Iraq

28 Oct 2012
Sa’ad Ali, the Iraqi ambassador to the Netherlands said that the businessmen in Netherlands have interest of doing business in Iraq. But he also pointed out that the Dutch businessmen have a fear inside them to visit Iraq and establish business due to the troubled past few years for Iraq. In reply to them the ambassador told them to go to Kurdistan and boasted of the fact all the people in Iraq will welcome business in their country. Presently there have been tensions between Nuri al-Maliki, the Iraqi Prime Minister and the President of Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani so there can be speculations that the Iraqi ambassador may not favor business in Kurdistan as Sa’ad Ali used to be an advisor the Iraqi Prime Minister. But crushing those speculations Sa’ad Ali was in fact himself in favor of business in Kurdistan and also praised the Kurdish community in Netherlands for their efforts to establish a monument for the Halabja genocide. He also stated that he is close to all the Iraqi people and enjoys equal support from the Kurdish region as from the other parts of Iraq. In his view the kurds in the Netherlands are more active than the rest of the Arabian community. In Netherlands there are Iraqi organizations some of which have only Kurds as their members. There had been some protests in Netherlands when Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister of Energy Affairs was awarded for his “commitment to democratic values” from the Roosevelt Foundation. But the Iraqi ambassador is not ready to accept this protest as a conflict between Kurdistan and Iraq, as long as there are no military movements. He said that in democracy everyone has the right to express their views, right to oppose and right to say so there is no reason to see this protest as a conflict of interests between Kurdistan and Iraq. He further described the role played by the Iraqi Embassy in the Netherlands and stated that the Kurds come to the embassy not only to apply for VISA but also to take suggestions from them. By saying all these things the ambassador is trying to state that there is absolutely no tension between Baghdad and Kurdistan. Sa’ad Ali also mentioned that five Dutch companies will visit Kurdistan for Business purposes. The ambassador is concerned about the illegal Iraqi immigrants in Netherlands. He expressed sympathy for those Iraqi people but also strongly stated that the Dutch government has the right to forcefully send those people back to Iraq. Source: [Rudaw]
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