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Iraq Opens International Trade Fair

03 Nov 2012
Iraq opened its greatest trade fair on Thursday in more than 20 years. The fair is due to run until 10th November. The amazing fact is that more than 1,500 private sectors from Iraq are taking part in this International Fair. Moreover, 21companies from other countries are taking part as well. This fair was opened by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in the Mansur neighborhood of west Baghdad. Maliki told in a speech at the Bagdad fair that this is a new Iraq. He also hoped that all the companies there took advantage of this chance. He also told that the state they were discussing is in the construction stage, and it requires all types of arrangement. This is a new step in Baghdad's attempt to reconstruct an economy stroked hard by decades of opposition and sanctions and struggle unemployment. Bassem Saddam Sultan was the deputy chief of the fair organizing committee. According to him the total number of companies presented was the largest in more than 20 years. The fair was started under tough security. For that, journalists had to pass through several searches before being permitted in. Iraq's economy is highly based on exports of crude oil. But Iraq gets only one percent of employment while the energy sector achieves about two-thirds of profit in domestic product. As a result, Iraqi people often mention the fact of unemployment. Baghdad has decided to request foreign companies to reconstruct critical infrastructure that is breaking in several fragments as a result of under investment. They are also invited to work in some key sectors such as housing, transport and agriculture. Source [Ahram Online]
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