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Progress in Iraq

03 Nov 2012
The improvement built in Iraq in terms of domestic oil argues, has been noted in a general report of United State inspector. But, it also has been noted that there the rival among various political team creates difficulties. The Kurdistan Regional Government stopped oil sending to another country in April because it told that Baghdad was not giving energy private sectors working in the Kurdish North. Washington warned the energy private sectors of the danger may occur in operating with Iraq. The political strained state of Iraq between the Baghdad and KRG has been mentioned by Washington. Baghdad blacklisted private sectors for landing businesses with the KRG, though selling from the Kurdish area has continued. The special inspector general of United State for Iraq reconstruction, Stuart Bowen, expressed in a report that there was improvement in settling issues related to national hydrocarbon laws and exports. His report tells that in spite of this improvement, association between the KRG and Baghdad continue to be strain. Iraq has prepared its greatest level of crude oil. Iraq produced more than 3 million barrels per day (mbpd) since 1990. As a result and its wealth has gained double-digit growth. The inspector general told that the internal political disputes are limiting Iraq's potential. In spite of that, the Iraq government acquired $62.8 billion in oil income, in the first nine months of 2012. And this shows increment of 12 percent in oil revenue from the previous year. Thus Iraq is really showing its improvement in their business. Source [Al Bawaba]
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