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Iraq to Remove Largest Social Welfare program

08 Nov 2012
A spokesman said that the cabinet of Iraq voted on Tuesday to dismiss the largest social welfare program of this country. This program was about a food distribution system, in favor of cash transfer directly to citizens. The cure, due to appear into attack on March 1, would refer to all Iraqis who would be given 15,000 Iraqi dinar ($12.50) per month in place of current ration card system where all families are given right to claim basic elements from local supermarkets. The program was planned by Saddam Hussain in reply to the country’s port and approval imposed on Iraq following his invasion of Kuwait, the neighbor country. After a cabinet meeting, the spokesman Ali Mussawi told that the plan had came after a two-year research, and the government finally comes to the judgment that the finest process forward was to provide cash to citizens. Government spokesman Ali Al Dabbagh told that it was also the greatest procedure to fight corruption and he also mentioned that this process can be continued easily. He also said in a statement that beside the cash transfer method authorities would also make stable the price of flour, recently one of the major things that can be obtained as part of the ration card. Mussawi announced that the Iraq government recently pays out about 12,000 dinars ($10) per head per month on the ration card program, quantity to about seven per cent of the Iraqi budget according to a previous year report of UN. And it is higher than either the education or health budgets of Iraq. As stated by Mussawi, because of corruption and inefficiencies, foods of only about 6,000 dinars finds its path to Iraqis. Last year, the UN report advocated abolish of the ration card program, the biggest social safety net of Iraq. The report described it as an inefficient method in many ways and easily wounded by corruption. Source [Gulf News]
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