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Iraqi Automobile and Touring Association celebrates the visit of Mr. Jean Todt President of International Federation of Automobile - FIA-

19 Nov 2012
On Nov-1st - 2012, Mr. Jean Todt President of FIA visited the Iraqi Automobile and Touring Association and the prevention of road accidents IATA a one day visit. He was welcomed by President of the Iraq Association-IATA- Mr. Yassin Taha Shakir, vice President of IATA Mr. Sadiq- -Jabouri Khammas, general secretary of the Iraqi Association Mr. Abdul Majid Jassam Saleh, the members of the governing body, Dr. Ali Mohammed Ghazaleh and Mr. Khaled Jassam Saleh and all employees of the Association. During the visit many topics were discussed relate to the activity of the Association, and its contributions to relevant events in road traffic safety and spreading traffic culture to maintain the people's lives and to reduce traffic accidents. The president of FIA gave instruction & notes about the activities mentioned specially that Iraqi Association is a member of the International Automobile Federation (FIA). Mr. Todt was awarded the honorary presidency of the Association for his efforts in the development of relations between the IATA and the International Organization during a lunch on in his honor. Note that Mr. Todt, 66-year-old has been elected president of the FIA since 2009, and is one of the dignitaries and important in the field of motor sports in the world and has held senior positions in the International Automobile Federation.
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