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PM Maliki to Clarify the Budget 2013

20 Nov 2012
It is reported that it has been planned that the House of Representatives come up Nuri al-Maliki, the Prime Minister and the ministers of finance and planning and trade to describe the materials budget of 2013, without mentioning any date. It is expected that MPs from several blocks will be granting the budget within the upcoming two months. It has been stressed to continue parliamentary meeting until the approval of the budget. Mahma Khalil informed that the budget of 2013 is not only the numbers but also a collection of events and services in spite of the presence of opinion on the market material. MP Adel Faddaalah, as a member of the Parliament legal committee, has assured for Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network that the necessity of arranging officials to grant the budget is in the expression of exchange money. Hadi informed the Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network that after reading for the second time the Parliament ordered Minister to come and explain and solve some issues. He also informed that that the reading for the first time of the budget of 2013 did not contain any refusal or edit by the political blocs. For his portion, Qais Cdhir, MP for the Iraqi List, informed the Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network that the accurate date of granting the budget of 2013 will be fixed according to the time her. This fact forced to cancel the holiday legislative Council for the House of Representatives. If it is done, the studies reported will be elected. Source: [Al Sabah]
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