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An aim to keep a low exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar

26 Nov 2012
It has been revealed by some informed sources that the continued existence of the high price dollar compared to the price of dinar is intentional and it has joined parties from inside and outside Iraq. It was also pointed out that the reason for such policy was an auction sale currency. The sources agreed in separate comments for the ‘Future of Iraq’ that sale policy panacea until 2008, denoting that then turned that strategy to PAL and on the national economy, particularly after the global crisis strike the U.S. and the EU. The source has also quoted that the drain purchasing power of the Iraqi dinar and keeps it in the gutter turned into an aim after the year 2008 through currency auction, remarking that the issue shifted from sustaining the stability of the dinar exchange rate to enhance the size of the daily requirement on the U.S. dollar. It was also told that the continued demand creates a recession of alternative currency that buys the dollar and offers a profit margin of the sold currency. The sources also explained the whole process as a smart game and experts involved in the art of stealing money from Iraq. Source: [UR Agency]
ممثل الأمين العام للأمم المتحدة يقول في مؤتمر صحفي في بغداد ناخبة عراقية مسنة ترفع اصبعها المضمخ بالحبر البنفسجي بعد ادلائها بصوتها في مركز انتخابي في بغدادفي الصورة مجموعة من الناخبين العراقيين في محافظة النجف يرفعون أصابعهم المضمخة بالحبر البنفسجي بعد ادالسيدة هيرو خان إبراهيم زوجة الرئيس العراقي جلال طالباني تدلي بصوتها في مسقط رأسها في كركوك علما أن جهاز الكترونيبيان تعليمات التصويتسيدة عراقية تتوجه الى المركز الانتخابينساء يرتدين النقاب يدلين بأصواتهن في مركز انتخابي في منطقة الكرادة وسط مدينة بغداد
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