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Kuwait will receive $500 million from Iraq in few days

14 Dec 2012
According to an official of Iraq airways Iraq will pay $ 500 million to Kuwait to resolve its albatross to Kuwait. This will help airways of Iraq to start flights again to all over the Europe after more than twenty two years. Mr. Saad al-Khafaji the director general of Iraqi airways said that Iraqi airlines will start visiting London and Frankfurt at the end of January, and this became possible because Kuwait airways withdrew their aver against the carter of Iraq. He also said that Iraqi airways will also talk on the road between Baghdad and Kuala Lampur. Mr. Khafaji said that Iraq’s government is planning to train 500 pilots in three years and they are also planning to reconstruct their Training and Development Institute of air. They have signed a contract worth $26.5 million with organization of Romania and United Arab Emirates to reestablish Iraq’s training institute. But he did not mention the exact stake of the Boeing Company. Source: [Albaghdadia News]
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