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151 votes for offers over distribution of federal budget’s funds

15 Dec 2012
MP Abdul Salam al-Maliki of the State of Law Coalition disclosed collecting votes of MPs to set one criterion in distributing the economic allotments of the federal budget on the Iraqi provinces. MP al-Maliki recently stated to the media that 151 signatures were already collected from MPs to present a law draft about distributing the economical shares of the federal budget on the provinces of Iraq, noting that the distribution of those funds must be according to the population density and poverty in the provinces. There are some provinces, suffering from the poverty but they are not awarded with ample of financial allotments to suit their requirements. For example, Basra province, which its oil exports make up a huge percentage of Iraq’s profits, Abdul Salam al-Maliki said. It is really worth mentioning that some MPs within the SLC have claimed to reduce the share of KR from the deferral budget while the Kurds described these calls as included within the political outbidding and unresolved matters between the Central Government and Kurdistan Region. For his part, MP Hamid Bafi of the Kurdistani Democratic Party has stressed that the share of Kurdistan Region within the federal budget must not be less than 23%. Source: [AIN]
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