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1 trillion 750 billion Iraqi dinar allocated for Iraq municipalities in 2013

17 Dec 2012
The Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works disclosed on Tuesday, December 11, that it was earmarked one trillion 750 billion Iraqi Dinars from 2013 budget. This amount was not adequate, it argued. The Ministry had expectation in the other hand to end water shortage during next year. The total allotment of the Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works in the general budget amounted to one trillion 750 billion Iraqi Dinars, said the Minister of Municipalities and Public Works, Adel Muhawder, in a statement to Alsumaria. He noted that this amount is considered inadequate in view of the shortage and lack of water and sewage system in the Iraqi provinces. However Muhawder withdrew and considered the allotment to be satisfactory in comparison with the state’s general budget. The Ministry was able to lower down the filtered water scarcity from 23% at the beginning of 2011 and to 10% at the end of the current year added Muhawder. He expected that this crisis will be over completely by 2013 after the completion of hanging projects and the beginning of other project within next year’s plan. The Iraqi Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works disclosed on the 8th December a plan to sign agreements with foreign companies to carry out 95 strategic projects during next year i.e. 2013. All Iraqi provinces have always suffered from the shortage of filtered water and sewage systems due to the old water and sewage projects that function in the provinces especially the high-powered central systems that date back to the 30s or 40s of the last century, whereas the provinces witness a 3% population increase yearly. Source: [Al Sumaria]
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