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Iraqi Stock Market: Circulation value amplifies by 64 billion in November

17 Dec 2012
Iraqi Stock Exchange declared on Tuesday (11th December) a great boost in the circulation value last November which amounted to 64 billion Iraqi Dinars, while the United Bank for Investment authorized finishing the measures required to increase its capital. The Stock Exchange dealt during November in 114 billion, 367 million actions, amounting to 117 billion 234 million Iraqi Dinars, compared to the last October during which the total number of traded actions was 45 billion 371 million for the value of 63 billion 981 million Dinars. 65 firms embark on transactions from a total of 84 electronically listed companies. Karbala Hotels –HKAR documented the highest raise amongst companies in terms of value traded followed by Sumer Commercial Bank. The firms with the highest decrease were National Household Furniture Industry IHFI followed by the Metallic Industry and Motorcycles IMIB. The number of deals of trade during November reached 11406 deals while in September only 10395 deals were signed. The number of actions bought by non-Iraqi investors during last November was 2 billion 667 million actions, with a value of 4 billion 679 million Iraqi Dinars. The number of sold actions amounted to 3 billion 620 million with the value of 5 billion 715 million Dinars. 1303 acquisition contracts and 745 transaction deals were accomplished. United Bank for Investment verified finishing the legal measures needed to increase the company’s capital during November, from 200 billion Dinars to 250 billion Dinars. Iraq Stock Exchange was founded in June 2004 and used manual exchange at the time. In April of 2009, quite a few companies partly adopted electronic exchange. In 2010, electronic exchange was taken up for all 85 enlisted companies from the 7 sectors: hotels, banking, industry, investment, insurance, agriculture and services. Source: [Al Sumaria]
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