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Iraq’s deals to be awarded by Kentz

20 Dec 2012
Kentz Corporation Limited, which is the holding company of the Kentz engineering and construction group, is happily announcing the award of three individual, reimbursable, service deals in Iraq with a total value to Kentz of circa US$55 million, through its Technical Support Services industry unit. Across the three projects, Kentz is subjected to offer the services over the coming three to four years that will supervise the improvement of in-plant procedure facilities and infrastructure in order to deliver a combined raise in production capability of approximately 250,000 bpd of oil and 300 million standard cubic feet of gas. In both Basra and Baghdad, Kentz have plans to work on the new and existing upstream facilities. The scope of the services to be provided, which includes front end engineering, project management, procurement and installation supervision support for three gas and oil services. The resources will be drawn from offices by Kentz in Basra district, along with Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia. Kentz first began actions in Iraq in 1981 and in August of 2010 declared that it had reached deals to obtain an interest in Dome General Contracting Ltd. (Iraq): a principal dealer of services to Iraq’s energy sector. The award, which have been announced today are in-line with Kentz’s stated strategy to cultivate its presence in the Iraqi hydrocarbons market. Mike Murphy, Chief Operating Officer, Technical Support Services for Kentz, commented that they are pleased to have been honored a sequence of fresh deals in Iraq, which support their continued focus on the Middle East region and the chance that they emphasized to the market. Iraq has the third biggest proven oil funds across the world and Kentz is well situated in order to support the major customers through in-country resources and a proven background record of delivery, backed up by a worldwide supply network of engineering and procurement resources. Source: [Kentz]
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