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Jordanian journal: Jordanian officials get warning from Maliki for exporting Israeli vegetable to Iraq

08 Jan 2013
It was published by the Jordanian journal that Nouri al-Maliki, who is the Iraqi Prime Minister gave warning to the Jordanian Government, during his recent visit to Jordon from exporting the Israeli vegetables and the fruits to Iraq. A Jordanian Journal reported senior Jordanian official as saying, Maliki had discussion during his visit over the topic of exporting Israeli vegetables to Iraq, where he told the Jordanian officials that the only problem they have is the entry of Israeli vegetables. Conversely, The Jordanian Minister of Agriculture replied that these vegetables are exported by Iraqi dealers. Maliki stressed to him by saying that they are dealing with a situation, which has the responsibilities for this matter, warning that this topic is not easy where it might tumble the governments, according to the journal. Maliki visited Jordon on 24th, last December, heading a ministerial delegation, where he had discussion with Jordanian top officials the two-sided relations and the mutual economic collaboration between both the countries. Source: [AIN]
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