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Iraq is about to add 300.000 b/d in 2013 for oil exports

09 Jan 2013
The spokesman of Oil Ministry of Iraq expressed that the ministry is having plans to boost the potentialities up by 300.000 b/d in 2013, as well as improve its position in the OPEC. Alternatively, an oil export stated that though Iraq did not accomplish the previously affirmed figures, but its attempts are successful on the logistic standard. Asim Jihad, who is the spokesman expressed in a statement that the ministry have plans to reach 2.9 million b/d in 2013 and to reach 4 million b/d in 2014. He also added that the 5th oil tenders shall be declared this year, generally for gas production to raise the capabilities of Iraq in this sector. Oil expert Abdul Razzak al-Abayachi believed and so expressed that Iraq will increase it is production. He indicated that in 1980s, strategic pipeline was planned, though it was delayed, but comes in a significant stage at present amidst reports of closing Hormuz Strait. He elaborated saying that even if the Strait is not closed down, it is significant to have another venue for Iraqi oil exports. Source: [Aswat Al Iraq]
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