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Iraq is about to get $4.59 billion Iranian exports in 9 months

09 Jan 2013
Iran recently declared that its exports to Iraq reached to $4.59 billion during the last 9 months. An Iranian news agency reported that Iranian sum total non-oil exports reached to $72 billion. The news agency also added that Iranian imports during the last 9 months reached to $40.47 billion with a reduction of 10.5 % compared to the last year. Iranian customs department declared at the beginning of last December that Iraq is pioneering state in importing the Iranian supplies. Iraq depended on Iranian commodities, mainly foodstuffs, since 2003 demise of the previous regime. 11 border vents were opened between Iran and Iran, which made the process of flowing the Iranian goods and trade exchange easier, which includes electricity and oil products. Iraqi Parliamentary Economic Commission expresses its concern of the increase in Iranian exports to Iraq, which will be leading to minimize the Iraqi dollar and local currencies. Source: [Aswat Al Iraq]
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