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Iraq Basra regional governments has plans for building tunnels to lessen traffic

10 Jan 2013
The local government in Iraqi Basra government declared on Wednesday, that it was aimed to build tunnels for the first time in the province to lessen the road congestion. The traffic directorate welcomed this step and requested to inspect the set plans before performing the project. It will be started executing by the directorate during year 2013 and will build car tunnels in Al Farahidi crossroad, Al Shaar region; in the municipality directorate crossroad, Al Saa’i region as well a tunnel stretching from the court crossroad situated near the local government headquarters to Manawi Basha region and across Al Buraiha zone, expressed the head of the government contracts’ directorate in the provinces’ office, Wala’ Abdul Karim. He also gave a clarification that no tunnels building project has ever been implemented in Basra before, although reducing road traffic has become a necessity now. The directorate plans to deal with a specialized consultative office to perform studies about the suggested project of digging a tunnel under Shatt al Arab’s water surface, to relate the center of Basra city with Shatt al Arab, noted Abdul Karim, adding that the directorate made the decision previously that the entrance of tunnel will be closed to the Navy Forces’ old headquarter in Al Andalus street. The head of media and public relations department in the traffic directorate in Al Basra Colonel Riyad Al Iidani expressed in a statement that the road networks in the province are old and not capable of handling this great increase in car numbers. Therefore, it is essential that they build up more bridges in the city center to deal with the traffic congestion. Al Ildani gave emphasis to the matter it is vital that the directorate observes the tunnel project schematics to verify its usefulness and faultlessness. Tunnels are better than bridges since they do not get in the way with future projects, emphasized Colonel Al Iidani, who considered that the climb in the groundwater levels in certain regions is the main problem facing tunnel building projects in Al Basra. The local government also should bring awareness in its thoughts about the requirement of the tunnels’ periodic maintenance to avoid the water flooding and turning into dark caves. As Basra province, situated 590 km north of Baghdad, has old and low-grade external road networks, including the roads leading to commercial ports, oil fields and facilities. Since for the internal road networks, they have been repaved and rebuilt after 2003; however these roads are full of bumps and ripples due to the lack of skill of the local companies commissioned with implementing the projects. As the traffic congestion fact aggravated, it was resorted by the local government to building traditional bridges with ancient designs in many regions. Most of the bridges are under constructions at present and the work process is going on really very slow. Source: [Al Sumaria]
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