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The Iraqi foreign currency is controlled by the U.S. Federal Reserve

11 Jan 2013
A source well-known with the Central Bank of Iraq, declared that the Iraqi government is not capable of acting in cash reservoir overseas because it is lodged with the U.S. central bank. He also emphasized that the latter had already agreed with the United Nations and the Department of the Central Bank of Iraq to refuse the transfer any amount outside the budget’s structure. The experts made the prediction that the crisis will end soon, as the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) for fear of depicting the big names in the financial and political center, which was confirmed by the sources familiar with the investigation, indicating to the issuance of a judicial decision for releasing the deputy governor of the Bank appearance in favor and 30 employees were under arrest earlier. The last arrest warrant against the Governor of the Central Bank and a few numbers of officials in some corruption cases on 19th October, 2012 by the Supreme Judicial Council and took 32 staff into custody with the governor’s rejection to Shabibi decision. Sources from within the Central Bank of Iraq revealed the implementations details of the detention of the deputy governor and showed that the warrant included 3 officials, are Governor Sinan al-Shabibi and his deputy, the appearance of the Saleh and General Manager of the banking sector Ali Abu Nayla. The sources also told that Shabibi and Abu Nayla not surrender themselves to the concerned authorities, but Saleh turned himself in after the security authorities seized some members of his family. She noted that the investigators made the conclusion with the deputy governor and is pleased that there is no proof incriminating and decided to end up the detention on bail pending completion of the investigation, but the security authorities represented by the Ministry of Interior rejected to release him or allow the media tackled inside prison in Baghdad. A source, close to the committee for the investigation also declared that the number of staff of the Central Bank beyond 1235, distributors’ headquarters and four branches in Nineveh and Basra, Sulaymaniyah and Dohuk. He also clarified that the number of prisoners is less than 30, which includes 22 female and four officials, explaining that the reason behind this detention was that they were member of the board committee and four staff members are elected to serve under the authority of the Board of Directors. He also confirmed it was evacuated by the investigators that the last for the members of the Committee and some employees because they are not really concerned about this. The newest improvements in the investigation indicated that the art is that the Central Bank accepted five banks eligibility for selling out the dollar and these banks give offer to auction the bank to list in exchange for any amount of purchase, then apply the conversion and here the Central’s responsibilities are not implied directly. It has not issued any arrest warrant against the officials of the private banks, concerned while making sure of its involvement money laundering actions or smuggled out of Iraq. He was a member of the Committee of Finance parliamentary, Hassan Ozmn declared to the media about three weeks ago, that the Iraqi funds abroad are exposed to the international trusteeship’s risk due to the participation of the United Nations for investigating the issue of the Iraqi Central Bank, had expectations to employ UN special rapporteur for keeping an eye on the movements of Iraq’s Finance, but the Iraqi Foreign Ministry denied it. It is notable, that the Central Bank of Iraq declared in August 2012 that Iraq reserves rise of hard currency to $ 67 billion from 63 billion. In addition, the official denied that the Central Bank can control these safety measures and said that it is still under the guidance of the United Nations, under paragraphs of 7th item and carries on from the sale oil goes directly to the account itself and even going out of the trusteeship is already there in the bank, U.S. who refuses any Iraqi government-issued requests, regarding the financial withdrawal outside the structure of the budget and this is agreed with the United Nations for preventing any theft actions in Iraq, which persists to suffer unsteadiness. Source: [Al Hayat]
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