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Iraqi government’s resolution of closing border inlets got criticized by Parliamentary committee

18 Jan 2013
The Economic Parliamentary Committee criticized the Government’s resolution of closing down the border inlets with neighboring countries. Mahamma Khalil, who is the Secretary of the Parliamentary Committee, stated to the media that the resolution is a hasty decision and was not researched thoroughly, which will have negative impact on the prices of a variety of goods, noting that if the Iraqi government attributes this resolution to the security reasons, it would rather be better to give protection to these inlets than that of closing them. He also added that this resolution caused astonishing increase in goods prices, mainly, after closing inlets with Jordan which were the only inlet for importing the commercial goods needed in Iraq. Khalil also indicated that the resolution is not constitutional and it might cause economic destruction, emphasizing that the committee will claim the Iraqi government for reconsidering this resolution. Source: [All Iraq News]
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