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China close to $ 650m Iraq oil pipeline deal

27 Jan 2013
The Dubai-based Iraq branch of the China Petroleum Pipeline (CPP) company expressed to be close to winning a $ 650m deal for building up a pipeline connecting the southern oilfields of Maysan province to the Al Faw storage depots. The oil export capacity will get expanded through this project from producing oilfields of Maysan and Halfaya, and other small fields. Ali Maarij, who is the chief of the state-run Maysan Oil Co., told to the media that it will certainly remove all the exports constrictions. Ali Maarij also added that CPP was close to winning the engineering and construction for the 300km project. On the new line a 42-inch diameter pipe specification is going to replace the existing out-of-date 28-inch pipe at present shipping crude from the southern fields in Ammara to storage facilities near Basra. The new pipeline should be operational at the beginning of 2014, facilities a planned raise in output from the present 230,000bpd to around 400,000 bpd. Source: [Construction Week Online]
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