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Parliamentary committee calls for investing budget funds to upgrade Iraq’s economy

29 Jan 2013
Qusay Jumaa, who is the member of the Economic Parliamentary Committee called to spend the funds of the federal budget of 2013 according to standards that contribute to upgrade the economic level in Iraq. Iraq’s economy has just revived through increasing the Oil revenues, which participated in promoting the state budget to reach USD 120 billion, emphasizing on the importance of investing the funds of the budget according to standards that contribute in upgrading the economic level of Iraq. He also indicated that the political situations are affecting the economy, though they see our economy ranges between steadiness and degradation. The 2013 State budget law draft was endorsed by the Council of Ministers, which reached IQD 138 trillion on 23rd October and the Parliament finalized the first and the second readings for the budget law draft. Source: [All Iraq News]
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