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A few Spanish companies plans for implementing major construction projects in Baghdad

03 Feb 2013
Some Spanish firms intended for implementing a variety of projects in Baghdad during the 2013 plan. It was reported by the Baghdad Governorate in a statement to the Iraqi media on Thursday (31st January, 2013), Salah Abdul Razaq, the Governor hosted a Spanish delegation that includes ten firms, which are specialized in the modern construction and housing, and they set a plan for implementing major projects during 2013 after the endorsement of the Federal Budget by Parliament. The statement also added that the strategy specifies the establishment of three hospitals, housing complexes, 50 new schools, modern medical centers and the infrastructure works for these projects. According to the statement, the Governor called the local and the international companies, which are skilled in implementing the major projects, to open offices in Baghdad for representing them and to submit to Baghdad Governorate in order to execute the projects within 2012 according to the needed governmental terms. Source: [All Iraq News]
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