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Tariff law will be enacted in 2014, said economic committee

Tariff law will be enacted in 2014, said economic committee
In the House of Representatives, economic committee announced that the law will be applied tariff rate of 20% beginning next year, noting that the law will exclude food.
Said committee member Rep. Nora Albjara for “tomorrow’s Press,” “The tariff law will be applied to initiate early next year, but will be applied to 20% from the beginning of 2014.”
In her statement, she added, “The activation of this law would best benefit the country economically,” noting that “the law will exclude food only, as it would encourage the local industry to compete with imported materials.”
Previously, Iraqi government has announced that Amadaha to the application of the customs tariff law will be done according to a time table and also stressed on the fact that the law will include some of their goods.
Updated 29 Dec 2013 | Soruce: Al Ghad Press | By S.Seal
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