Investments in Iraq – British and Spanish Companies Showed Their Interests

Recently, British and Spanish companies have shown their interests in investment Iraq and to take part in the construction sector of Iraq.
According to the statement of the Ministry of Housing and Construction, Mohamed al-Daraji, Housing and Construction Minister of Iraq had taken part in a meeting with a group of British and Spanish companies. In that meeting, the companies showed their interests in investing Iraq and discussed the mechanisms of working in the business market of Iraq.
Mohamed al-Daraji stated that As the Iraqi investment laws are facilitating many opportunities and scopes to the foreign investors, it was expected that foreign companies will show their interest to take part into the business sector of Iraq. Presently, the British and Spanish companies are willing to participate in the housing and constructional sector of the country.
The venture of the foreign companies in the construction sector will definitely boost up Iraqi construction and infrastructural development projects. With the new techniques from the foreign companies, it will be sheer beneficial for Iraq to build bridges and roads in the country effectively and with a quick time span.
Last Update:: 01/03/2013
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