Project completed by Iraq to cease desertification

On Wednesday, Iraqi Government announced that the government has completed a project, worthy of 12 billion Iraqi dinars to cease desertification in 9 provinces of Iraq.
Iraqi government economic advisor Salam al-Quraishi told, the one and a half year project just finished successfully. The project comprises of digging wells, constructing artificial oases and cultivating about 7 million trees.
Artificial dams are developed by the workers to combat with desertification. These artificial dams will carry water to different agricultural areas, cities and rural areas. A long area of agricultural lands has been outfitted with anti-drift soil.
Provinces, like - Najaf, Wasit, Salaheddine, Diyala, Maysan, Dhi Qar, al-Diwaniyah, al-Muthanna and Basra will be benefitted and it is anticipated that these province would be able to combat with desertification meticulously. For the remaining provinces, government has similar kinds of plans which will be initiated soon.
More than 1.2 million dunams of land were brought into cultivation this year as a result for the plan- as remarked by al-Quraishi.
Last Update:: 13/04/2013
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