Levy on taxes will magnetize foreign companies in Iraq, says economic committee member

Member of the parliamentary Economic Committee Hussein Al Mura’aby said that passing a law exempting foreign companies from taxes and fees will definitely help to magnetize the foreign players in Iraq. This will also benefit the local economy as well. He is hopeful that in near future several foreign companies will queue for the Iraqi projects.
In a statement, Al Mura’aby stated, “The country needs real to attract global investment firms discreet to build hundreds of thousands of housing units in addition to the infrastructure, roads, bridges and the like, indicating that these companies will run a lot of manpower and will thrive economy and tourism.“
He remarked that lack of security is a genuine problem for the country which needs to be sorted out precisely. Adding that, he stated reform in banking sector is important and government has to take quick measures on that. He is also hopeful about the currency reformation and thinks that Central Bank of Iraq’s policy will surely rejuvenate the nation’s economy.
Last Update:: 07/09/2013
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