Investment Agreement in the Free Zones of Iraq

An announcement has been made by the Commission General of the Free Zones within the Ministry of Finance, regarding signing a contract with an investment company in Khur al-Zubair in Basra province.

As per the statement of the Commission, it is declared that Noor al-Helal, an investment company, which is the only representative of Itehad Cement Company in Iraq, has agreed to sign an investment agreement for the establishment of a project to important the shipments, which are related with the cement industry. The shipments will be stored at the Free Zones in Khur al-Zubair area. High quality cerement will be produced and delivered to the nation from this part.

The Free Zones in Khur al-Zubair are experiencing some activities in recent times, as the companies and investors are ready to establish projects in this area.
Last Update:: 07/03/2013
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