Iraq to adopt smart card methods for elections

The Iraqi Higher Electoral Commission (IHEC) is keen to develop a new method for easing the process of voting for people in the forthcoming Iraqi parliamentary elections as well as for the provincial elections in Kurdistan.

In this new method smart cards will be used in the vote casting process. Abdurrahman Khalifa, in- charge of Social Connections in the IHEC, stated that they are now planning for running an awareness campaign for teaching people on how to use a smart card. Khalifa also noted that the use of a smart card is not yet a certainty, but we are willing to adopt the method if it is ready until the time of the elections.

“Upon the use of a smart card, we will no longer need the Voters` Registration Documents which has been used in the previous elections,” Khalifa pointed out, “the smart card will be a turning point in voting process in Iraq.”
Last Update:: 27/12/2013
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