Iraqi province Basra has been nominated as Arab Cultural Capital of 2018

Majid al-Nasrawi, Governor of Basra has discussed with the ministry of culture, Tahir al-Hamoud, about the cultural facts of the Basra province. It is noteworthy that after the discussion, both sides have agreed on the point that the Iraqi province of Basra should be nominated for being the capital of Arab Culture of 2018.
In a statement, Nasrawi said that the Basra Governor has met on Saturday in his office the Ministry of Culture Undersecretary Tahir al-Hamoud and discussed with him the cultural aspects in the province plans of the Basra local government to turn the province into a cultural dome based on its historical value.
The statement concluded, “Both sides agreed to nominate Basra as the Capital of the Arab Culture 2018 since its historical inheritance enables it to get this title.”
Last Update:: 30/12/2013
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