An aquarium to be built in Baghdad at Al-Zawraa Park

Preparations are going on for opening an aquarium at the Al-Zawraa Park, where families can view sharks, seals, dolphins and other sea animals, Amanat Baghdad officials told Mawtani.
Baghdad Mayor, Naeem al-Kaabi stated, "The mayoralty has announced an investment opportunity to build an aquarium at al-Zawraa Park and has invited investors and specialized firms to submit their offers to design and implement this project."
Al-Kaabi said that as the part of preparation, the mayoralty has chosen a five-dunam parcel of land inside al-Zawraa Park, where officials hope the museum "will become one of the largest and most modern aquariums in the Middle East".
He noted, "A committee will be in charge of studying the designs and offers submitted by the competing companies, and it will choose the best one."
The aquarium would have an underwater glass-walled auditorium through which visitors can view rare species, such as sharks, seals, dolphins, dogfish and other marine animals, al-Kaabi said.
In an addition to this hall, the building would include "a variety of service and recreational facilities such as fast food restaurants, visitor rest areas, giant television screens, gardens and a multi-story car park," he mentioned.
According to the experts, as well as the Mayor of Baghdad, the aquarium will play an important role in the as a vital investment project which could encourage specialized international companies to carry out additional tourist projects in the capital.
He further stated, "Iraqi families will have ample chance for entertainment and spending enjoyable time in watching those marine animals closely." He also added that it is important as it will serve a realistic educational environment for students and researchers.
The aquarium project is "one of the ambitious projects the mayoralty is executing under its investment policy, which includes the establishment of recreational parks and sites to help in boosting tourism in the capital", said Hakim Abdul Zahra, director of media and relations at the mayoralty.
He told that Amanat Baghdad "will work to complete this museum based on the latest designs, specifications and technologies, through reputable, specialized international companies"
A committee of experts, specialists and technicians from the mayoralty will study all the offers and choose the company that submitted the best investment offer and has experience and expertise in the construction of similar projects around the world
According to an Amanat Baghdad spokesperson, “The aquarium "is part of Amanat Baghdad's constant efforts to create exceptional recreational and tourist facilities which provide enjoyment, comfort and recreation for the public"
Last Update:: 09/01/2014
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