Iraq urges for foreign investments on Al Diwaniyah airport

Iraq's central Al Diwaniyah governorate intends to invite foreign investors to construct a new civilian airport after it received approval from the central government in Baghdad.

Ammar Al Madani said that a 2.7-square-meter area in southwest Al Diwaniyah has been allocated for the project, which will be open to investors. He told the Iraqi news network Al-Ghad that the governorate would soon launch a campaign to promote the project.
He noted, "We have been officially notified of the cabinet's approval of the local government's request to construct a civilian airport in Al Diwaniyah. The studies and land committee in the cabinet, [however], stipulated that the project must be launched within two years or the approval will be cancelled."

Al Madani added that the project will be presented to foreign investors, but that the government would set out "conditions" for the companies wishing to invest.
Last Update:: 02/09/2014
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