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Access Floor Polygroup
البناء والتطوير
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تقييم. عدد مرات المشاهدة. 4606|المشاهدة خلال الاسبوع. 5
شركة ذات مسؤولية محدودة
+34 955 997731
غير متوفر
+34 955 997659
+34 652 997996
أسم المدير
Jose Luis Sancho
العائد السنوي
USD 1 Million - USD 5 Million
عدد الموظفين
26 - 50
تأسست بتاريخ
الموقع الإلكتروني
P.I. Navisur, c/ Narciso, 5 41907, Valencina de la Concepcion
رقم تسجيل غرفة تجارة
اسم غرفة التجارة
Spanish commercial chamber
تاريخ التسجيل
نبذة عن الشركة
European factory of raised access floor and exporter in all the world since 1975, Polygroup manufactures high quality products and innovation system with all European certifications for different applications like offices, data center, museums, airports, military areas, casinos, libraries,… Polygroup offers a complementary range of raised access floors, easy to assemble and alterable. You can obtain an easy installation, safe and durable product. A raised access floor consists of identical and independent horizontal panels supported by vertical pedestals adjustable in height which provide space under the flooring to house the required installations. There is quick accessibility to the installations because panels are easily detachable. POLYGROUP manufactures raised access floor systems of chipboard core, cement steel core and calcium sulphate core. All the panels can be finished with all floor covering possible like vinyl, antistatic, high pressure laminate, granite, natural wood, ceramic... International companies are trusting in Polygroup system because they are considerate like the most advanced system of raised access flooring. Polygroup has a big and professional team in the entire world with offices and factories in Europe, Asia and America creating a security and fast response to the customers.
تاريخ الادراج: 24 Sep 2013|تاريخ التحديث: 24 Sep 2013
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