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Trade bank of Iraq to avail CrediMax card training session

CrediMax, the first credit card issuer and acquirer in the Kingdom of Bahrain in coordination with its partner, Global Payment Service (GPS), recently held a three-day training session on efficient card chargeback and brand settlement processing for the employees of Trade Bank of Iraq.
CrediMax Chief Executive, Yousif Ali Mirza said, “A part of our commitment is to elevate the card business industry in the Kingdom and by hosting such training session we aim to transfer our knowledge to the industry at large.”
“A chargeback request can occur at any time and is part of doing business, thus any credit card issuer and acquirer must be fully equipped with the knowledge of understanding, managing, processing and solving chargeback requests efficiently and preserve the goodwill of their customers.
“The training session illustrated each step of the chargeback process while citing the procedures, documentations and evidenced the card association deem most important while challenging a chargeback request. Live cases were used to demonstrate the techniques of solving a chargeback requested,” added Mirza
Ten employees from Trade Bank of Iraq took part in the workshop aimed at training them about the procedures and systems required to determine the outcome of actual compliance cases. The seminar covered all chargeback types and related issues using numerous case studies and teamwork exercises as well as card brand daily reconciliation and settlement.
Updated 14 Jul 2014 | Soruce: CPI Financial | By S.Seal
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