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Iraq invests 5 billion dinar in film industry

09 Mar 2012
As part of the celebrations for Baghdad being named as the capital of Arab culture for 2013, Iraq will invest 5 billion Iraqi dinars in its film industry, according to the director general of the department of Cinema and Theatre. Dr Shafiq Mahdi announced that the department has approved the financial allocations for the production of 15 feature films this year, with a total budget of 5 billion Iraqi dinars. “2012 will be an Iraqi year by all means,” said Mahdi. “The first film to be produced will be directed by the Iraqi director Mohamed Shukri Jameel titled “Pleasures and Pains” and it exposes political and social corruption in Iraq. The second film by Raed Meshatat, titled “The Silence of the Shepherd” focuses on the crimes of the former regime and its impact on the character of the Iraqi society in general.” He added that work is underway to complete four films and other documentaries by young directors, including Hadi Mahood, Ali Hashim, Eman Khadir. He also revealed new initiatives to activate children’s cinema. “The month of April will see launch of the first cinema and theatre for children with a budget of 100 million dinars.”
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