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Real Estate & Housing

On June 5th, 2014, Iraqi government has mentioned that the start of construction on a tri-city project to build more than 3,000 housing units for low-income families.
Iraq is one of the prehistoric countries of the earth, which is struggling due to massive war situations for decades. Wiping out all its injuries, the country is right now ready to rebuild itself completely.
In the Model village and Shores of Karbala project in Iraq, Bloom Properties has declared its plans for commencing infrastructure works. The announcement followed the submission of final master plan of the Shores of Karbala project to the Iraqi National Investment Commission, which will span an area of 20km2 along the banks of Lake Razaza, west of the Iraqi city of Karbala.
A study, published on Monday, stated that the Kurdistan Region offers companies based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) a gateway to business opportunities in the energy, construction, real estate and tourism sectors in the larger Iraqi market.
On Tuesday, Mosul Municipal Directorate distributed 203 residential lands among the families of the martyrs.
After decades of war, it is quite natural for a country to plunge into several crises. Iraq has recently come up with an economic success, though plenty of problems are there that should be given close watch. The housing sector of the country should be revamped immediately in order to accommodate the people within the country with safety. Plenty of people are there, who lost their houses during the war tenures and still, they are searching for a roof on their top.
Dubai based company Damac is planning to launch sales of the 80 apartments within its first planned tower in Baghdad. The project will be executed successfully by October or November – as stated by managing director of the company, Ziad El Chaar.
Erbil, the fourth largest city of Iraq, recognized as the capital of northern Iraqi Kurdistan region, is a vital city for the country of Iraq, playing a major role in the economy of the country. It is located 80 kilometers (50 miles) east of Mosul and being the capital of Kurdistan, it is recognized as one of the biggest business hubs of Iraq. The city has glorious past and it is regarded as one of the oldest urban lands of this earth.
Iraqi Housing Minister Mohammed Sahib al-Daraji was into the discussion recently with the Saudi Islamic Bank. The motion of the discussion was finding the route project with neighboring countries, including Saudi Arabia.
On Tuesday March 26, Dhi Qar province declared that 2000 pieces of lands have been distributed amongst different categories of Iraqi society. It has also been announced that the province is ready to distribute more lands, if required for general house building for the citizens of Iraq.
Iraqi Parliament and Cabinet have been warned by the Iraqi Ministry of Housing and Reconstruction on this Thursday, against refraining from allocating funds for the housing development in the general budget. Iraqi Ministry of Housing and Reconstruction also claimed that funds in the housing development have done significant developments by increasing the number of housing unit for the common people of Iraq.
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