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Work & Labor

Dhaka, Bangladesh, stated that it has resumed sending workers to Iraq after a three-month ban, despite reports of hundreds of Bangladeshi construction laborers being dragged into the country's bloody sectarian conflict.
Iraqi ministry of labor and social affairs is now getting prepared to launch a training program for the unemployed that seeks to reinforce their skills and help them plan entrepreneurial projects.
By the middle part of 2014, at least 10,000 Filipinos are expected to be deployed to Iraq. It is noteworthy that the ban on the Filipino workers sending overseas has been lifted of late. Now, the country workers or labors can be deployed to any place of this earth for carrying out major projects.
The number of workers sent abroad by the Turkish Labor Agency (İŞKUR) reached 38,061 in 2013’s January-August period, 11,054 were employed in Iraq, where Turkish construction business took charge of 114 projects.
The Bangladesh embassy in Iraq seems helpless in aiding the 27 Bangladeshi workers suffering in a labor accommodation facility for the last five months for being without job.
Hans Cacdac, head of the labour ministry’s Overseas Employment Administration stated that Filipinos, except for household helpers who are mainly female, can now work in Iraq outside four “no-go” provinces still considered dangerous.
On Thursday, United States Agency for International Development (USAID) announced the launching of a new Youth Employment Promotion (YEP) Program in Iraq dubbed “foras” meaning opportunities for the upcoming 2 years.
On Monday, Iraq's giant southern West Qurna-2 oilfield and wrecked offices have experienced the protests from hundreds of protestors, in demand of jobs as revealed by police and employees of the field.
Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Nassar Al-Rubaie have recently indulged into conversations with the Resident Representative of the Korean Agency for International Cooperation (KOICA)
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