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The Prime Minister, Hayder Ebadi, Commanding General of Armed Forces arrived Tikrit city to supervise the military operation to liberate the city of the terrorists affiliated to what is so called the Read More
IRAQi Companies
 IraqDalina Iraq Cranes
Equipments & Machinery - karbala
 IraqSiba Alrafidain Contracting & General trading
Electrical & Automation - Baghdad
Internet Services - Basra
 IraqIntegrated Inspection & Surveying
Oil & Gas Industry - Arbil
 IraqAL-Adaa AL-Raseen Company. ARCO
Oil & Gas Industry - Baghdad
International Suppliers
 Czech Republic - IRAQ Online DirectoryPrivatoria
Internet Services - Prague
 Indonesia - IRAQ Online DirectoryPT TRANS PRATAMA LOGISTICS
Freight Forwarding - Jakarta
 Turkey - IRAQ Online DirectoryGNY MEDICAL
Medical - İZMİR
 Iran - IRAQ Online DirectoryRahnama gearboxes
Manufacturing & Industry - Tehran
 Iran - IRAQ Online DirectoryRahnama gearboxes
Equipments & Machinery - Tehran
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