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Estonia's Taxify launches ride-hailing platform in Baghdad

Estonia's Taxify launches ride-hailing platform in Baghdad
Estonian-developed ride-hailing app Taxify launched its platform in Baghdad, Iraq on Thursday, with hundreds of drivers already signed up and ready to accept rides.

Taxify Iraq country manager Moammar Hasan described the service as an app connecting riders seeking a quick and comfortable ride with verified drivers, according to a company press release.

"We would like to take part in the reforming process of the economic scene in Iraq and believe that the market lacks a modern and safe way of moving around the city," aid Hasan. Taxify will contribute to Baghdad's market space by providing a centralized, fraud-free platform as well as fares based on actual mileage and time driven. "Taxify allows users to request a ride via the app, see the drivver approaching on the map and even share their ride details with loved ones, who can track the ride from their smartphone," he described.

According to Hasan, the company only accepts drivers with no criminal background, those who have not had any serious traffic incidents, have at least two years of driving eperience, a clean car and a good, service-oriented attitude.

As it continues to expand to the Middle East and Africa, Taxify, which is available for both iOS and Android, has grown to become one of Europe and Africa' largest ride-hailing apps, operating and providing work for thousands of drivers and a team of over 180 employees in 18 countries around the world.
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