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Asiacell launches 3G telecom service in Iraq

Asiacell, leading mobile network operator, today announced the launch of its third generation (3G) services all over Iraq territories, bringing customers the most advanced 3G network in the country.
The company has more than 12 million subscribers all over the 18 governorates of Iraq, is expected to be highly welcomed by new subscribers for its 3G, a strategic move that today marks the full commercial launch of it, just in time for New Year.
Faruk Mustafa Rasool, Chairperson of Asiacell, stated, "Iraq has been underserved for far too long, it's time to bring 21st century wireless service to this important economic hub in the world."
The company has spent more than $1bn on system modernization and 3G licenses for additional spectrum, a move that marks the huge investments the company is doing for better fit to the competitive telecom market in Iraq.
The network of Asiacell is capable of reaching 4G/LTE speeds quickly as the telecommunications infrastructure in Iraq improves. Asiacell 3G provides the following benefits to the customers:
Faster speeds: 3G technologies is capable of delivering speeds up to 21 Mbit/s. Customers can surf the Internet with ease, download the latest applications and games, watch TV channels and check email on their smartphones faster than ever before.
Advanced technology: The company network provides the most advanced 3G networks in Iraq, equipped with state-of-the-art technologies that introduce a multitude of new features for mobile devices, such as video call and crystal clear voice quality.
Amer Sunaa, Chief Executive Officer of Asiacell, said, "We are very excited to launch 3G in Iraq." He added, "With the benefits of 3G, subscribers in Iraq can enjoy a faster, better mobile experience than ever before. All our customers will celebrate 3G launch with tailored incredible offers designed for each and every one."
The company will be holding events in major parts of the country throughout the month of January to celebrate its launch of 3G technology for the first time in Iraq.
Updated 04 Jan 2015 | Soruce: Zawaya | By S.Seal
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