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Saudi Islamic bank and Iraqi housing minister discussed trade route

Iraqi Housing Minister Mohammed Sahib al-Daraji was into the discussion recently with the Saudi Islamic Bank. The motion of the discussion was finding the route project with neighboring countries, including Saudi Arabia.

The discussion was held in Saudi Arabia. The bank is ready to support with its technical and financial capabilities to accomplish the project. Minister Daraji stated that the World Bank expressed desire to assist in this project by finding donating banks, including the Saudi Islamic Bank.
He expressed his hopes for the project as strategically this project will make the economy of the country stronger. Also, trading and tourism sector with the neighboring countries will also be benefitted through the project.

Earlier, Housing Minister stated that this year ministry has the plan to reduce the death of people from traffic accidents. Modern and safe network will be built throughout the country as revealed by the minister.

Updated 28 Apr 2013 | Soruce: Aswat Al Iraq | By S.Seal
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