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2000 pieces of lands have been distributed by Dhi Qar province

On Tuesday March 26, Dhi Qar province declared that 2000 pieces of lands have been distributed amongst different categories of Iraqi society. It has also been announced that the province is ready to distribute more lands, if required for general house building for the citizens of Iraq.
Ministry of Municipalities and Public Work employees, people injured by terrorism, political prisoners, Internal Security Forces members and terrorism martyrs received new housing lands from the province as explained by the governor of the province, Mr. Taleb Al Hassan.
He also explained, “2000 pieces of land are located in 7 cities: Qala’at Sukar, Al Fuhud, Karmat Bani Said, Al Nasiriyah, Al Islah, Al Diwaya and Souk Al Shuyukh.”
He also confirmed that the province is ready to provide all the services that are needed after the distribution of the lands. The governor also confirmed that the province will continue its good deeds of segregating lands in pieces and distributing them amongst the deserving citizens of Iraq.
It has to be noted that Iraq has been undergoing housing and constructional problems since a long time. As days are progressing number of citizens are increasing and in comparison to that enough housing projects are not there yet! In addition to this, due to the low income profile of the citizens of Iraq, and due to the unemployment – it is quite impossible for many citizens to build their own house and buy their own lands. Hence, the government initiative would definitely provide them some amount of relief.
Updated 29 Mar 2013 | Soruce: Al Sumaria | By S.Seal
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