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ExxonMobil Gives another Boost for Kurdish Autonomy

31 Oct 2012
Powerful ExxonMobil is making its support more strong for gaining personal freedom of Kurdish from Iraq. ExxonMobil felt heavily miserable in Baghdad for its year-old bold resistance on the straightforward businesses with Kurdistan. ExxonMobil has decided to search another company for taking over its concern in West Qurna oilfield which is the supergiant of Iraq. Exxon is creating an uncommon and unclosed face of geopolitical strength by giving up Iraq clearly to be in Kurdistan. A sudden burst of reports was announced a week ago after ExxonMobil officially told Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Hussain al-Shahristani that it is trying to sell its stake to another company in West Qurna. It is being told that ExxonMobil has some interest from some companies in their project. Baghdad and Kurdistan have a strained business connection but it’s tough to decide how to share the profits. During the last year, Kurdistan has developed its power by providing extremely interesting exploration contracts to some high rated foreign companies. Baghdad openly forbids another country’s companies to sign directly with the Kurds. And the majors actually acted in accordance with the expectations that the relation would get better. But it failed. So, having lost expectation, a procession of oil companies have registered directly with Kurdistan—Chevron, France and Gazprom’s Total. But ExxonMobil’s breach of faith is something unusual. Because of its magnitude and history, when ExxonMobil takes a move, it inclines to speak more loudly and make more ripples than its peers. It was reported a year ago when it was disclosed that the company registered with Kurdistan. But right now, it creates a harder time for Baghdad’s prestige, while granting more law on Kurdistan. Would it be able to give the province a further push gradually towards independence? Source [Quartz]
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