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DNO International to Tap More Oil in Kurdistan

08 Nov 2012
The Norwegian oil and gas organization, DNO International ASA ("DNO International"), announced on 6th November that the Benenan-3 drilled well on its permit for Erbil, the Kurdistan area of Iraq. And it meets unexpectedly an extra 210 meter column of oil in the Najmeh. This is a huge amount which is supposed to more than twice of the Benenan field. Benenan-3 was actually built as a horizontal producer with a deeper ruled exploratory testing in the Upper Najmeh. The well will now be completed as a deviated well capable of producing from several Najmeh intervals as well as from the Bekhme formation. The Bastora and Benenan field development process is carrying on with a second advancement well planned for work for middle of 2013. DNO International keeps a 40 percent production interest and is operating the Erbil license. Bijan Mossavar-Rahmani, the Executive Chairman of DNO International told that they were active to continue to develop production, reserves, and utility across their licenses in the iraq’s Kurdistan region. Revised estimates of retainable reserves for the Benenan oil field are preparing and will be announced when completed. More updates on Kurdistan operations of DNO International will be given at the third quarter presentation of the Company on 15th November in this year. DNO International ASA is an oil and gas company. It is Oslo-listed and operating in Middle East and North Africa. It is holding secure and support with 17 licenses in several parts of exploration, production and development. They are operating both onshore and offshore in the Iraq’s Kurdistan Region. Their website is provided to gather more knowledge about them. Source [Reuters]
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