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Within 2030, Iraq Will Be Able to Dominate Middle Eastern Energy Export

19 Nov 2012
Iraq is rapidly improving its gas and oil infrastructure. As said by professionals in a poll of gas and oil, within 18 years Iraq has huge chances to control the Middle East energy production. At the Abu Dhabi Conference and ADIPEC Exhibition the poll was conducted. More than 65 percent of the professionals in the poll think that Iraq is one of the major oil generators in the Middle East and it can improve quickly the energy infrastructure of this country. And Iraq is producing enough to be at the top level in total output within 2030. And only 35 percent of professionals in the poll expressed about the lack of facilities, a non-beneficial financial condition and under developed structure can halt the progress in Iraq in improving its industry of oil and gas. As stated by International Energy Agency in a report, an increment of exports of oil from Iraq could join an amount of $5 trillion to the Iraq’s economy in the next twenty years. Also this would assist Iraq to achieve its profit in domestic product in five-fold. Moss Daemi, the executive vice president of GL Noble Denton, informed that the oil and gas industry of Iraq has great potential. But Iraq need to notify a few main infrastructure issues to be a leader in the region. Additionally he told that the outcome of this event displays that professionals of industry have extremely positive view that Iraq will be able to solve those problems. He also said that with the help of skilled regional and international players, there is a great chance for the oil and gas industry of Iraq to improve a noteworthy infrastructure within a short time period. Source: [Hydrocarbons-Technology]
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