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U.S investors expecting Iraqi dinar to reach $3 value

20 Nov 2012
Iraqi dinar is in its high. Investors from United States, also from all over world are expecting a sudden rise in Iraqi dinar. According to investors this is the World’s biggest investment opportunities. A speculators from Las Vegas says that, “the sudden rise in Iraqi dinar does not need to question, Iraqi dinar would be would be a great value probably the highest I the World. If dinar raised a penny it would give at least 900 percent profit”. Reporters say that,” some of the speculators expecting a great rise of Iraqi dinar against U.S dollar, they expecting dinar become equal to 1 to 3 U.S dollar in near future which gains profit from 116500 % to 349700%”. A dinar dealer from United States has sold USD 577 million worth of Iraqi dinars to its customers in 2011. He said that his customers were from his parents, teachers, police officers and construction workers. Source: [Al Bghdadia News]
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