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Kuwait Shows Goodwill for Iraq

26 Nov 2012
MP asked Faleh, the Government bloc citizen to accept the goodwill for Iraq. This goodwill is offered by Kuwait to remove Iraq from the Chapter VII. The Government force expressed to the Euphrates News Agency in a statement that it was required to perform for the improvement of relations of Iraq. Thereby Iraq can achieve its actual role in the local area and to the contributors in the whole global surroundings. They mentioned that Iraq needs to develop the country to gain the best position of it. More than that they put some stress saying that the Government of Iraq should invest in all goodwill steps taken by the side of Kuwait. They also mentioned that the Government of Iraq should give positive sign to contribute and to get Iraq out from the Chapter VII. They also want that the Iraqi Government should maintain the improvement in relations between Kuwait and Iraq in the present time. The relations of Iraqi and Kuwait are progressing in recent time. And the proof of the improvement in their relation is that a few officials of Kuwait are keen to get Iraq out from the Chapter VII of the United Nations. Both sides are showing their dedication to improve the relationship and get further development in their country. Source: [Al Rafidain]
ممثل الأمين العام للأمم المتحدة يقول في مؤتمر صحفي في بغداد ناخبة عراقية مسنة ترفع اصبعها المضمخ بالحبر البنفسجي بعد ادلائها بصوتها في مركز انتخابي في بغدادفي الصورة مجموعة من الناخبين العراقيين في محافظة النجف يرفعون أصابعهم المضمخة بالحبر البنفسجي بعد ادالسيدة هيرو خان إبراهيم زوجة الرئيس العراقي جلال طالباني تدلي بصوتها في مسقط رأسها في كركوك علما أن جهاز الكترونيبيان تعليمات التصويتسيدة عراقية تتوجه الى المركز الانتخابينساء يرتدين النقاب يدلين بأصواتهن في مركز انتخابي في منطقة الكرادة وسط مدينة بغداد
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