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Iraq’s Participating in Arab Banking Conference

28 Nov 2012
The annual Arab banking conference which was held on 2012 in Phoenicia hotel / Beirut was organized by union of Arab banks. Share Iraq’s Ambassador Omar Barzanji opened the confabulation under the advocacy of Lebanese p.m. Najib Mikati. This confabulation also contained many VIP’s like a few ministers of both Arab and Lebanese and banking and financial personals. The chairman of Arab banks Mr. Ahmed Yousef said that the buffet of deed and revolutions will help to increase the economic growth of Arab. Dr. Joseph Tarabay the president of the international federation of bankers and gave president union Arab banks speech denominated, stability of economic which is in the phase of ambiguity in light of regional and local environment is highly vulnerable and highly hazardous. A deep concern of future economic and financial world was seen in the voice of Mr. Riad Salameh, the governor of the bank of Lebanon. The closing speech was given by Najib Mikati, the Lebanese P.M. he said that the expediency of Lebanon is that they can make good relation in harsh condition and the meeting showed the trust in Lebanon. Qnaatkm will become the platform where Lebanon will be able to canvass their problems of the Arab economics and it will become the platform where a union of business leaders, businessmen will join hand to hand to perform joint action. The conclusion of this confabulation was to ask government to regain political stability because it is hampering the investment and economic stability. They also urge the government to take up new apparatus like enhancing the role of the people who belong to middle class; this will automatically help in the growth of economic sectors and will automatically produce a huge amount of job opportunities. Source: [Al Mowaten News]
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