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Iraqis complain about intricacies trading torn banknotes

07 Jan 2013
It has become a circulation that the banknotes shattered social and economic problems, affecting the citizens continuously because of the failure of vendors and stakeholders public to deal with. Ms. Avia Ali suffers from the exchange bank notes torn, since refused by the shopkeepers and drivers taxis. Nawal Hamid pointed out about her shop that they reject to deal with these papers, because they are not able to get rid of them so easily, since rejected traders received them. Ahmed Karim, who is an economic expert, said recently that it is hard to spot the real volume of banknotes torn dealt in the market, noting that these papers are now a burden on the local economy and they cause loss to the citizen, as he cannot dispose of them, it stressed adviser to the Ministry of Finance Crescent Taan that amongst the duties of Iraqi banks receiving banknotes smashed up and torn from citizens and converted to the Central Bank for disposal. So, the Finance Committee approved in the House of Representatives Secretary Hadi Abbas that there is a true suffering from lack of exchange of bank notes easily torn, referring to the probability of addressing this trouble easily within a clear plan, but who gets that citizens face difficulty in switching the bank notes was a major part of it. Source: [Iraq Hurr]
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