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MP attributes decline of Iraqi agriculture to lack of waters, governmental negligence

08 Jan 2013
MP Karim Elewi of the Parliamentary agriculture Committee attributed the degradation of the agriculture sector in Iraq to the lack of the water amount coming from Turkey in addition to the governmental negligence for this significant sector, which is just next to the oil sector in terms of Iraqi key economic profits. Elewi also stated to the Iraqi media that there are so many factors that led to depreciating the sector of agriculture most remarkably the water shortage amount coming from turkey , where it is managing the Iraqi water flow and using this topic for political aims, noting that the amounts of waters coming from Turkey are insufficient and do not meet the require of the irrigation. He also added that at the same time, a clear negligence is witnessed there, by the Iraqi Government to this sector through not giving it priority as it represents major, important resource for the economy of Iraq. Source: [AIN]
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