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Iraq’s Trade Bank attains $ 488 million revenue in 2012

20 Jan 2013
The Trade Bank of Iraq has declared on Thursday (17th January, 2013), that it has got a profit in the year 2012 by 34 % and amplified by $ 488 million. Hamdiya Mahmoud al-Jaff, who is the Director-General of the Trade Bank of Iraq expressed in a statement that the activities of the bank in 2012 accounted a quantum leap in the level of the banking procedure through the operational capability of the banks’ staff as with its efforts, they were capable of attaining increased revenues for 2011 by 34 % by $ 488 million. She also explained that the productivity increase gained a variety of configurations to the banking procedure as credit letters, credit, letters of guarantee and the credit cards, which have also observed another growth in the level of action in the year 2012. Jaff also stated that the expenditures in the year 2012, decreased by around 40 % from the last year despite an increase in the bank’s staff for filling up the job vacancies, but added that raise in the human staff did not have any effect on the operating expenses. Action steps have been developed in 2012 and attained opening new branches in Baghdad and the provinces as the work is continuing in this way for the next year, whether at the national or international levels for expanding the geological work of the bank, she added. The Trade Bank of Iraq is a governmental Iraqi bank, established in Baghdad and is involved in activating the trade movement in the country. Source: [Shafaaq]
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