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The development of communications is discussed by the MoC, Turkish Counselor

21 Jan 2013
Turhan al-Mufti, who is the Acting Minister of Communications, was present in a meeting with the Counselor of the Turkish Embassy to Iraq and they had a discussion over the mutual cooperation and information technology for taking advantage of Turkish experience in communication field. The Ministry of Communications quoted Mufti as expressing in a statement to the media on Saturday (19th January, 2013) that Iraq needs the experience of all advanced countries, especially the neighboring countries, for developing the technology level of Iraq which is really delayed until the year 2003. Mufti asked the Turkish companies for investing in communications and technology fields in Iraq. And he also showed his immense support to the Turkish companies. The Turkish counselor expressed that his country desires to cooperate with Iraq, emphasizing that the Turkish government is all set for supporting the Iraqi people and also the Iraqi Government in all fields, in particular, in the communications sector. Source: [All Iraq News]
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